Januar 24, 2020
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Highly Specialized RFID-Technology in Medical and Pharma

The RFID technology is versatile. Advancement in medical accessories and technologies increased both demand and the technology itself as well as material and technology simultaneously. microsensys RFID-system components portfolio is broadly diversified for this market segment and the potential applications are versatile: Labeling of surgical utensils and sterile containers with sterilization-proof RFID transponders, special sensor transponders for intra-cranial pressure measurement, intelligent sample identification and temperature monitoring with sensor data loggers or security and access applications for computer technology.

Unique labeling of medical equipment with miniaturized, sterilization-proof RFID transponders. Image: Micro-Sensys GmbH

Monitoring of Medical Technology - Applying RFID Accessories
Especially in stress situations, the surgery room requires precision and clear in order to lessen distractions for the medical staff by any intricate technology intervention during the surgery. By contributing customized transponders into the surgery room, the assignment of the required device and associated accessories becomes clear. What are the advantages of this application? With only successfully identified devices can be interconnected, thereby minimizing the human error rate. Through integrated space provided, the last sterilization process or application unit data are stored on the transponders. Generated usage report automatically can provide information about accessories required to be repair or worn-out.

Contactless measurement and monitoring of physical quantities
Passive RFID sensor transponders and TELID® semi-passive RFID sensor data loggers allow non-contact measurement and monitoring of different physical parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure or vibration in addition to expand sensor functionality.
TELID® dataloggers are characterized by a real-time clock integrated sensor, as well as a battery and storage capacity for measurement data. Status profiles from monitored and sensitive objects can be displayed using the TELID® sensor data loggers. Thus, the temperature monitoring in pharmaceuticals such blood bags or plasma bags is possible with the TELID®512. The TELID®311.ac is developed to meet the quality management requirements of monitoring sterilization processes. TELID®311.ac is a data logger which provides efficient and seamless temperature monitoring during steam sterilization in autoclave under the conditions of up-to 140°C and 3.6 bar pressure. No water or common cleaning chemicals liquids may affect the functionality of the data logger since its built with material combination of stainless steel and synthetic which is waterproof. TELID® data logger has a built-in battery with a lifetime up to 3 years in regular use. More than 8,000 data packets from the sensor value and time stamp can also be recorded over a longer period of time. With the software TELID®soft is easier to comprehend whether user-defined temperature ranges have been exceeded, reached, maintained or not.

The application areas for contactless measuring and monitoring are medicine, food industry, service industry (laundry facilities) and many more.

Sample Management in Laboratory Analytics
In laboratory analysis and diagnostics, unambiguous samples identification for valid and assignable results is indispensable. For sample identification, stickers with barcode are usually used for the handwritten data entry. microsensys has developed the secure RFID-System solutions for samples identification.

Mini sterilization-proof RFID transponders are attached to the bottom of the sample tubes. Each transponder has a unique UID (Unique Identifier) which can be used as base identifier for database. The iID®MATRIX reader is used to detect and identify several test tubes in a sample rack with geometry of 8 x 12 cm which recognizes all sample tubes simultaneously. It can detect which place is occupied in the sample rack or not. There is also possibility to search for a particular sample in the rack. Depending on the storage capacity of the mounted transponder, specific data (date, substrate, durability, location) can be read and written to the transponder.

Application areas of RFID system for sample identification can be by human and veterinary medical examinations, microbiological checks, environmental medical analyzes, therapeutic drug monitoring or toxicological tests.

Access and security solutions
RFID read/write devices with modern LEGIC technology are suitable for security and access applications with PCs and notebooks. The application of iID®Stick or iID®DESKTOPsmart in office and server rooms, as well as for outdoor applications is possible with guaranteed operating temperature range between 0°C and +45°C. The integrated planar antenna achieves a comfortable reading range of up to 50 mm depends on the transponder antenna and the chip type. Personal authorization database or other applications can be granted with the latest RFID technology.

The benefits of using RFID technology in the medical and pharmaceutical industries are immense: enormous time savings, cost savings through optimized processes and improvements in quality management are just some of the benefits.

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Source: Micro-Sensys GmbH